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It all begun with a dream. filled with Songs of Spring. Bougainvillea outside my window telling her endless stories, Birds asking me whether I have some more colours for them, Water teasing me if I can represent her purity. Trees with their kind look and Sun nudging me to take a nap and dream some more… The Spring Summer collection of Rani pink uses pure and soft fabric of Organic muslin beautifully handcrafted with stories of Spring by women.

Rani Pink Blue Garden Pillow Covers - Enchanting Blue Daisies All Over

Celebrate Feminine Grace

Rani pink is a dream. A dream where there is nothing but Purity in this world. A world where women make their own choices and have a say. At Rani pink we use purest of fabrics that your skin deserves after a long day’s work. Organic khadi cotton handwoven by the weavers of west Bengal and handcrafted by our Ranis. Leading a conscious lifestyle is the need of the hour. Organic farming methods retain the richness of the soil. The more we buy organic, the more farmers are encouraged to grow organic. The society in which women are empowered and respected, there is balance all over. Stemmed from the ideology of Sustainability and women empowerment is the beautiful idea called Ranipink!


Rani Pink: Where Luxury Meets Sustainable Elegance

At Rani Pink, we believe that your home deserves the finest touch of luxury and comfort. We are a luxury home furnishings company dedicated to curating exquisite pieces that enhance your living spaces. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability and empowering women artisans. We take pride in offering handwoven and organic cotton home furnishings, meticulously crafted by skilled women artisans.

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